February 28, 2015


We're already 2 months into the year but I feel a bit Groundhog Day-ish about 2015 so far. It feels like it's constantly beginning. Like, it hasn't been happening yet? Same shit, different day etc etc etc. Because of this, I never took a moment, sat down, and really thought about my goals for the year. Now, I'm not normally one for making lists and writing things down, in fact, I never do it. But it seems to be working for other people so I thought I would give it a go. Here are my goals for the year which may extend beyond, and are related both to my personal practice and college work, as well as my non-photographic life. Maybe.

  2.  LOOK AND SEE. Get your head out of your phone (arse) and LOOK around, SEE what is happening. Photograph it.
  3. PLAY WITH (more) MOVING IMAGE STUFF. Get a move on, ha.
  4. PICK A THESIS TOPIC and work on it over the summer you absolute gobsheen. 
  5. FINISH YOUR WEBSITE and fill it with content that will increase your chances of...
  6. (ATTEMPT TO) GET WORK WITH AGENCY MODELS. No more time for amateurs, need the real deal if you want to...
  7. GET YOUR WORK PUBLISHED. Not just once. Start harassing people again to publish your work. Get back on it.
  9. STOP BEING AN ARSEHOLE. Remove anything (or anyone) in your life that fills you with hatred or causes bad feelings to rise up inside of you.
  10. POST ON THIS BLOG MORE. I know I know I know I was really really really sick, and it was okay to take some time off, but this blog is really important to me and I want to keep it active. Before I took my time away from this, I was getting lots of views and actual reader interaction and it was really fulfilling.

The images in this post aren't mine, but they're selected from months of pinning on pinterest and I thiiiiiink could be slight indicators as to where my work is going/where it might end up over the next, what, 10 or so months? Who knows. Either way, it'll be interesting to look back at the end of this year to see if I achieved all I wanted to, and if I was right about whether or not my influences are going to have as big an impact on me as I think they will. 

Until next time!

February 6, 2015


Some very old work I shot of the We Are Islanders AW14 collection for Hunt and Gather magazine.
Unfortunately the photos found their place neither on H&G or here on my blog. In an attempt to feel productive by making posts, I've decided to share them with you all tonight!

Basically, myself and fashion blogger Amelia O'Mahony-Brady, were sent to We Are Islanders HQ in South Studios to interview the designers and shoot some of the pieces.

We styled a few looks and were allowed to shoot them in the beautiful loft space. I actually really, really like these photos and I'm really disappointed that they never made it to publication. That's the reason actually that I kept them from the blog for so long, I wanted to make a post with a link to the article but then time just kept passing and I kind of forgot all about them in the haze of my few months of illness.

A season or two behind, but here they are now! Months later and I'm still swooning over the beautiful, Irish hand-made designs.

You can view the current collections and designs here: http://weareislanders.com/

Until next time!

remembering and forgetting

On today, the 2 year anniversary of the death of my best friend in the world, I've been thinking a lot about remembering and forgetting. Like, why is it so hard to remember to write here on this blog after my time off? Why is it so impossible to forget and move on from the death of a pet, from the death of "just a dog"? How can no one else in my family seem to remember the importance of a member of our family in our lives? How come I just can't seem to forget and get over the fact that they replaced her only 3 days later?

How do our minds prioritize these things? Does my interest in photography lie closely with my inability to forget, and my desperation to remember? Do I make photos because I refuse to let certain things be forgotten? Do I use my art as a way to force remembrance?

Today is a horrible day and I'm certain it will be every year for the rest of my life. I just can't shake my feelings of grief and bereavement. I feel absolutely crazy, she was just a dog, there have been deaths in my family that don't even move me to tears when I think of them, but all it takes is for her name to creep into my mind and my eyes well up. Writing this now, the words are blurring. 

[i] [ii]

I am still not myself. I am very, very unwell and while sometimes it's bordering on beneficial for my practice, it's also detrimental to my sleeping pattern and my ability to actually form real ideas and pursue creativity. I am sorry I have been absent for so long, I really am going to try to remember to write here now, like really make an effort. I hope you all haven't forgotten about my blog.